Two suspects charged in the recent beating that left a University at Buffalo student paralyzed have been released on $50,000 bond, according to the department of records at the Erie County Holding Center.

Charles Jordan, 22, and Michael Gunderman, 23, were arrested and charged with felony assault and disorderly conduct last Saturday with their housemate, Kevin F. Rowland, 23, who remains in custody at the Erie County Correctional Facility.

Michael Bliss, 21, was listed in serious condition at Erie County Medical Center as of Friday. Buffalo Police detectives are waiting until his condition improves to interview Bliss for their investigation.

When you’re clearing $1 million a day in illegal war profits, I suppose it’s easy to surrender last February’s take in exchange for freedom.

On Wednesday, a federal judge officially accepted a $28 million plea deal in the case of Christopher J. Alf, CEO of National Air Cargo, who stood accused of overcharging the government for distribution of military supplies and falsifying documents to make it appear as though he’d done a better job at it than the facts bore out. Late deliveries were simply marked as arriving on time when it came time to issue the bill. Federal investigators say Alf’s company was paid more than $13.8 million by the government over a three-year period through false documentation alone.

How does someone land such a cherry gig? How do you keep it for so long without anyone noticing? And, Alf’s Dream Team of high-priced attorneys aside, how does one walk away without a day of jail time or even a charge leveled against a single NAC employee, the ability to plead guilty as a corporate entity as opposed to an individual, and nothing stopping you from doing business with the government again as much as you like?

It takes money to make money. Obvi.
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It appears the recent beating in the Heights was an isolated incident. From the looks of it, just drunks kids being drunk kids. (Interesting discussion of Heights crime here.)

The student who was paralyzed remains in serious condition.

Acid Rainbow

March 25, 2008

The end of a day spent reading several newspapers, sifting through hundreds of blog posts, discussion boards, news archives, making phone calls, asking questions– and then to realize I haven’t really learned much.

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Wish I Was Here

March 24, 2008


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