I’ll be alive when the last Nazi dies.

The realization that your sink is leaking vs. the realization that you have a legitimate reason to go to the hardware store.

Punk Is Punk

February 10, 2013

I don’t understand the “punk is dead” mindset. Any newspaper will illustrate that a handful of albums in the middle-70s didn’t clear up any of the issues those bands were actually writing about. Let the next generation (in most cases, yours) pick up the baton and get on with it. Also, if an awesome band I used to live and die for broke up (and my heart) and then suddenly wants to play shows again, I’m totally in. If you’re pissed off that they’re making money on it, 1) remember that they aren’t 20 anymore and probably have families, and 2) just don’t buy a ticket and ignore them. That is the deepest knife you can drive into any artist. “Punk’s Dead” is just as much a t-shirt as the other version.