Hi. I’m Jake Drum. I was raised in the ex-urbs of Albany and moved to Buffalo for school at UB, where I majored in English and political science. I finished the English degree; poli sci’s still in limbo. For two years, I was the associate editor of Generation, UB’s student weekly. After college, I started working in restaurants. I got really into being good at washing dishes, cooking, keeping up with seasoned veterans. I wanted practical skill after years of ethereal academics.

I moved to Boston, where I helped edit the debut issue of literaryFEVER, an online arts and lit journal that (I think) still exists. I moved back to Buffalo in 2008. I enjoy that city and the people in it. In 2011 I started my first year of law school at UB. The following summer, I worked at the Federal Public Defender’s office for the Western District of Pennsylvania. At the tail end of that experience I transferred to the University of Michigan Law School and now live in Ann Arbor for two years before I rocket back to Buffalo.

Every once in a while I freak out about world issues like peak oil. If that happens on this site and it bothers you or you think I’m wrong for doing so, please disagree vehemently in the comments section. Friends will tell you, there’s nothing I like more than a good argument, except maybe a really protracted, drunken argument. Articles I post with argument and discussion in mind will be published in the “Echo Chamber” category. Hopefully, everything else about this site is self-explanatory.

Any questions, comments, or concerns that can’t be hashed out in comment threads on this site should be addressed to jake.drum@gmail.com or drjacob@umich.edu (the gmail account is permanent but I check the umich one more frequently). I’ll do my best to answer promptly.

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