25 May 2009
Buffalo, NY
Niagara River near the Int’l
Railroad Bridge, accompanied by
Tom Kosis.

Is Burmese a language?

There are footprints on the
water. They arise from the
murky depths that have
been stepped on by the sun.
Young perch minnows call
and respond in a group
that dances where the heel
of the sun’s boots would
have been.

The water is a deep blue
green. Now it’s not. There is
a breeze, and a plane,
and a big seagull near
what we call Canada, where
there are far fewer people
enjoying the nice day off
by the water, which looks
like something else, now.

My young artist friend,
the Epicurean,
wants a new cell phone.
He is a Stoic as well.
And an artist.
He writes and paints
and influences people. His
works are sometimes
things you can hold,
and sometimes they are
an afternoon, but most
often they are dawns.

What does the water
look like?
::long pause::
A panicked herd of
swimming pools.