Some day I might put these in a kind of order. Let’s see if it’s tomorrow!

The Long Emergency – This story changed my life. Please read it.

Growing Food After Peak Oil – Another must-read, this one by Richard Heinburg. All the urgency of Kunstler’s writing, but with real, possible solutions and examples presented. Some of the best pro-reform commentary of any kind I’ve ever read.

Meditations On Collapse – Heinburg’s review of Jared Diamond’s book, Collapse.

Michael Klare on Oil Wars and the American Military – A concise, well-rounded description of the peak oil problem and its implications for the future of the American military. Written in 2005.

Outcome Grim at Oil War Game – In 2005, former officials of the U.S. government took part in a war game-style simulation involving oil price hikes and supply disruption. In the scenario, the price of gas reached $5.32 and all hell broke loose. Their job was to avoid the collapse of the U.S. economy. They didn’t do very well.

Five Geopolitical Feedback Loops In Peak Oil – A short but important list of the larger factors that could accelerate crises resulting from peak oil. If there’s a worst case scenario for peak oil, the 22nd Century historical cave drawing that describes it may look like this.

The End of Suburbia – The YouTube link for a great documentary on the energy crisis we face. (Video may be removed soon, so check it out!)

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