Live From Allentown

April 23, 2008

Well, I’m finally moved in to my new apartment (minus a few things like towel racks, the Internet, or a place to sit), I started a another food service job (busing) today, and the new Master Caution world headquarters on Allen Street has officially gone live.


Here’s some local niblets before the café closes and I lose wi-fi:

The Buffalo Police Department and block clubs around the city seem to support the recent video surveillance program. You may have seen the flashing blue lights of the security cameras on lightposts around Allen, Elmwood, and the Chippewa, but there are currently 43 locations being watched around the city, with plans for 100 more by year’s end.

The NYCLU website has begun an initiative to raise awareness about the affect of these cameras on Buffalo residents’ civil liberties, but most of the reaction from neighborhood groups has been positive.

And Buffalo Police Commissioner H. McCarthy Gipson says the cameras only serve a partial role:

“They help enhance our ability, but the real job of policing is still left to boots on the ground,” Gipson said.

It’s always interesting to see how pervasive national punchlines like “boots on the ground” can be even at the local level.

Royal Toybox has a pretty sweet idea for a more masculine version of the traditional Thank You card featuring Samuel Gompers gesticulating and thanking the card’s recipient; with the current state of American labor, it’s hard to see what he could be grateful for.

My ideal cover candidates for the next phase of man-thank-you cards:

-Sam Perkins

-“Legs” Diamond

-R.J. Umberger

-The grizzly bear population of the western U.S.

-A Dodge Durango

Buffalo has a bike museum. Well, it’s in OP.

John Paget wants to bring it downtown. It would make sense. There’s certainly a ton of interest in bikes and bike culture in the city.

My hope is that if the Bike Museum comes to Buffalo proper it follows the standards and practices of the city’s reigning cycling insitution: open once a week for six hours with free booze until dawn.

More posts when I get more settled.

Mean time, get the F outside.

There are some days when you wake up feeling cheated by reality. Your favorite sandwich shop is closed for repairs. Cigarette prices went up. The bullets you thought you heard zinging past your ankles on the Bosnian tarmac turn out to have been shy, bright-eyed refugee children.

Up is down, left is right, and so on.

Then, you come across something so dependable as to reaffirm your belief in the concrete reliability of some things in this world. For me, that something is Bruce Jackson.  Read the rest of this entry »

No posts for awhile, I know. I’ve been caught up in the process of moving back to Buffalo from Allston (more on that later).

I have a place; now I just need a paying job ASAP. I’ll get back to regular posts when I get settled.

Anybody need my services or have recommendations on where Jake Drum would fit best in the modern economy?