There is a great student piece on higher education and the myth that our social institutions can be run as a business at no cost in Canisius College’s student paper, The Griffin. The article puts the lie to the Six Sigma ideas that have sparked a national debate in recent years and were put in practice in Western New York by Erie County Executive-turned-Congressman Chris Collins. When you approach social institutions with the same criteria as you apply to private organizations designed for profit, the unintended consequences generally affect those the institution was designed to serve in the first place:

In four years, I have seen Canisius transform not from a college to a university, but from a college to a business. But what happens when you treat students like customers? Well, when you run a bad business, your customers leave. The end-all result is a sophomore or junior who cannot maintain his or her already minimal scholarship, who is now a transfer student or a college dropout. But Canisius still wins in the end, netting north of 50 grand from each dropout, which means more subpar scholarship money for more future under-qualified students.

Check out the whole article and let me know what you think.