Something in the Water

March 10, 2008

Check this out.

Then this.

Now this.

And this.

PAULA ZAHN: I have to tell you, Elizabeth — good morning — I am so ticked about this. I’m one of those people that’s become accustomed to walking around with the big plastic bottle of water, and they laugh at me every morning because I try to …

ELIZABETH COHEN: You’re one of those nerds, is that it?

ZAHN: … I try to get through six glasses right here during the “American Morning” show. So I’ve been living in a state of flotation for many years here, and now you say I didn’t need to do this. What’s going on?

COHEN: Well, actually, before I tell you that, Paula, I have to ask you, do you sweat a lot during the show?

ZAHN: Never…

COHEN: Never, then you don’t need all that much water.

ZAHN: … because they keep the air conditioning here at like 60 degrees to make sure everybody’s alert and thinking well.

COHEN: Right, exactly.

Where do you get your water?