More Bad News For Salmon

March 21, 2008

As brightly as my day started, most of them seem doomed to end on this sort of note.

Salmon populations are crashing everywhere, along with many other marine species. It’s an issue that touches aspects of daily life as seemingly disparate as restaurant dining and environmental protection, the fight to feed the world’s poorest citizens and the possible collapse of a multi-million dollar fishing industry.

Where do we even begin to fix problems of this magnitude?

Scientists found massive specimens of a number of sea floor species in the Antarctic waters around New Zealand. Some experts estimate they may have discovered as many as eight new species of mollusks on the 2,000-mile voyage through the Ross Sea.  

But beyond the discovery of new species, scientists said the survey, the most comprehensive to date in the Ross Sea, turned up other surprises. 

Hanchet singled out the discovery of “fields” of sea lilies that stretched for hundreds of yards across the ocean floor.

“Some of these big meadows of sea lilies I don’t think anybody has seen before,” Hanchet said. 

In a time filled with news items and cable specials related to the destruction of our habitat and the endangerment of species, it’s nice to hear there are still new, untouched abysses out there waiting to be looked into.