My favorite event of all time anywhere ever is coming up, the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. There are tons of amazing vendors, too many to name, and two days of literary appreciation, readings, sales, and other events. If you’re anywhere nearby check it out. Also, specifically check out the Cage Match table to see some of my work. Cage Match is a zine/anthology that features wonderful artists and is put out by my friends Bobby and Matt at Bad Drone Media. Last year I wrote a poem about toast, blood, and cotton balls, because that’s what Matt told me to do. This year, the only poem I wrote during my summer in Pittsburgh that wasn’t totally depressing, Christmas Lights Are The Stars of the Firework World, will be featured.

Check out all the info by clicking on the Small Press Fair link and support Cage Match and all the other hundreds of hundreds of artists that are going to be totally awesome there.

This morning, I awoke to the smell of fried dough and the screeching hiss of helium escaping a pressurized tank. It’s that time of year again: today marked the first day of the Allentown Arts Festival and the beginning of festival season in Buffalo.

In about thirty minutes I have to go get my ass handed to me at work by the hungry festival crowds, but here are some highlights from the festival that I caught as I wandered around my block this morning:

Phill Singer (Oil Paintings)

Booth Location: Delaware Avenue, northbound side just below Allen Street.

Favorites: Hibernation, Continental Drift, Whale Watching, and the fruits and seasons series (near the bottom of the website gallery).

James Skvarch (Etchings)

Booth Location: Southbound side of Delaware near Virginia.

Favorites: Tidal Mishaps, When Main Street Whispered, The Swift and The Still, and A Pause To Consider The Arrogance of Machines.

There’s much more, like the drawings of old Buffalo by Michael S. Smith and the work of Andrew Morrison, but I’ll be late to work if I link to them all. Come down and check them out for yourselves.

Just don’t eat at my work.