1L Sketch #3: (untitled)

January 18, 2014

Dirt tangled vine embrace

Ragged wounds in my house

The tree I cannot kill

mocks me with its warm growth

in my chest

You dumb heart

Fix another mimsy, why dontcha?

Talk about the talk about the

talk about the past

Give yourself a ‘fresher course in

your friends’ lives and all of your inabilities

Or trade up, date up, and never marry


There’s a bluebird that wants to get out

but I won’t let him because I’m a coward

Both life and poetry are easier when you only show the tips of

your icebergs

It’s safer to hide that which  is

made real by the attention of others

But where do you even go from there?

Back yourself into a corner

where the adrenaline flows

so you become feisty like a hobbit in a corner

instead of the palsied house-hobbit you’ve become

This nine-to-five life is driving me crazy

Too much sleep, not enough life

Hook me in a couple slugs of that brown water

clear my eyes a bit


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