“Annie Blue” by Elizabeth Fallon

May 3, 2009

Awesome awesome awesome short fiction by a girl named Elizabeth Fallon from Goddard College, courtesy of 3am mag.

The fat man in the big Chevrolet used to park near the fire hydrant, you noticed. Sometimes the cops chased him away, other times they weren’t around and he sat idle for hours. One time when you glanced out of the filmy window during Sacrament, you saw him peering up at you, waving. You didn’t wave back. But after Annie disappeared, you knew what it meant – it could’ve been you instead of her. Sister Frances held a steady finger in the air and said, “Young ladies should mind their own business,” when you told her about the fat man opening his car door when you were outside playing tetherball and calling you over from behind the chain link fence. “What’s her name?” he had asked you, pointing to Annie, leaning against the splintering brick façade of the school. And you had told him her name even though when he smiled at you, you saw that he had little yellow teeth and his breath smelt bitter like beer, yet sweet, also, maybe mint.

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