November 14, 2008

The tech sector is officially bleeding jobs with everyone else. I wonder when the food service and preparation sectors will feel the pinch. I wonder when the manager will tap me on the shoulder to have a heart-to-heart in the walk-in cooler about what a good sport I am, about what a good worker I was and where my opportunities lie. I wonder when the financial situation will stop being an excuse for jokey headlines and ironic despair and will start being a chance to fundamentally reshape our economy and make and do things here in America again.

I wonder what will happen if General Motors falls apart. I wonder if we should let it– let the old economy die so the new one can be built to last for the generations to come. General Motors doesn’t have much of a future anyways, the way gas prices are going. They’ve resisted innovation at every turn and were beaten out by companies who– gas mileage aside –simply made a better product. The free market in motion, right?


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