Behind The Kitchen Door

October 13, 2008

Much apologies for yet another unacceptable extended absence. I’ve been getting myself back on my financial feet, ironically, just as the rest of the world reels from recent kidney punches.

Also, I’ve been working on another project: Behind The Kitchen Door, a biweekly food-service column I’ll be writing for One Big Kitchen. Formerly known as/at Buffalo Buffet, OBK is helmed by Buffalo News staff writer and my former UB advisor, Andrew Galarneau.

The first installment of Behind The Kitchen Door is on OBK’s front page now. It’s a version of a Master Caution post from back in March; all subsequent posts will be original to OBK and available there under the Behind The Kitchen Door tag. Get it while it’s hot.


2 Responses to “Behind The Kitchen Door”

  1. omadeon Says:

    Welcome back Master of Caution!

    I exercised… masterful caution, in avoiding to ask you “where are you”, all this time! 🙂

    In any case, best of luck with your “one big kitchen” project. As an amateur cook, I am VERY interested.

    In fact, I had a brief look, there, and I am about to add you in my special “Joy of Life blogs”, in a minute. Hope this helps, a bit.

    BTW, OBK is the very first blog outside my own country (Greece) to be added in this special category! 🙂

  2. MC Says:

    Thanks for the link! I’ll do my best to keep posting and stay on radar from now on.

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