Campaign ’08: Trial By Stone

January 29, 2008

Watching this scene made me think of Romney v. McCain and the final stretch of GOP primaries. Ragged, ossified vultures clawing at one another for a false prize: sovereignty over a dying, incestuous tribe. One last public battle between the most ugly and avaricious among them, a contest of squawks and Costanzan feats of strength where the loser is stripped naked and exiled from a shadowed, echoing chamber already emptied by age and atrophy while the victor takes the throne to preside over the final decline of his barren species.

It’s tempting to see aspects of The Dark Crystal in the modern American landscape. Aging, bloodthirsty, gluttonous conservatives in power while sleepy, ineffectual liberal mystics with long hair and acoustic guitars whisper and sing to one another on the fringe of society. The still-entrenched Establishment vs. newly-entrenched vestiges of 1960s counterculture. The idea of a linked American duality, where one side can’t get rid of the other without destroying itself. A coming change, for good or ill. New hopes and a call for unity.

And the eight-foot rabbit-like Landstriders that transport the last remaining male and female Gelflings to the Dark Castle are clearly indicative of the struggle of the little guys, the Ron Pauls and Dennis Kuciniches of our youtube constituency, to loom larger than their outward selves and at least shape and guide the debate if not actually dominate the coming era of a post-Skeksi political landscape.


(P.S. I just watched one of the Landstrider scenes, and they totally kind of do.)


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